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Tips on Moving

For over eighty-five years, Mayflower has helped people move from one place to another. With years of experience, Mayflower has certain moving guidelines to make your move smooth, relaxing and stress-free.

Most importantly, Mayflower wants your household goods to be safe and unharmed from foreseeable causes; therefore Mayflower created these simple to follow guidelines.

  1.  Before you pack any of your belongings, make sure you read Mayflower’s guidelines for items which may be perishable or hazardous. We want your experience to be smooth and efficient, so by following our simple guidelines these mistakes can be easily avoided.
  2. Moving is very time consuming, so we always suggest to make sure you have ample time to pack all of your items correctly; therefore the unpacking process will be easier. People are always surprised at the time it takes them to pack their belongings; therefore from past experiences, we always recommend people to never underestimate the time they need for this process.  We can never preach enough how much we enjoy our moves to be stress-free and this can be successful by following this step.
  3. Another great tip for unpacking is numbering your boxes. By numbering all of your boxes, you will know which box to unpack first so you are able to quickly unpack your essential belongings.
  4. Check out our “Top Ten frequently forgotten items” on the Mayflower moving website. We highly suggest that you make the Mayflower’s “Ten Forgotten Items” as part of your checklist while moving.
  5. As if you were flying in a plane, we recommend you bring a ‘Carry-On’ with all of your essential belongings. However, this ‘Carry-On’ will have at least three days of supplies for each individual family member or person you are moving. Also in this ‘Carry-On,’ you should bring medications you might need, glasses, bathroom items, etc. This package should be kept separate from your other boxes and used more as a ‘survival kit’ until your other belongings are unpacked. Essentially, you will have enough items to last you for the few days.
  6. Along with your ‘Carry-On,’ we recommend something we call a ‘Trip-Kit.’ In this kit, you should have essential items such as credit cards, cash, and so forth. These items should never be packed away because of the quick access you might need for them.  Mayflower has a page written out for most questions people will have with moving. On this page, they will answer questions anywhere from, moving with a baby, to moving for a certain job. Please feel free to call us or e-mail us personally if this website does not answer all of your needs. We will be glad to help you.
  7. Don’t Hoard. As the old saying goes, “It is easier said than done,” but realistically if you do not need or have not used an item in years, either sale, donate or get rid of the item. Over packing and packing unused items, is time consuming and unnecessary.  We always recommend people to have a grand moving sale, where you get rid of your unused belongings and make a nice profit. As we stated before, if you don’t use it or need it, don’t hoard it.