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Here are some questions and answers from

Joe Moholland Moving Mayflower


Do moving companies in Northern Virginia carry licenses?

Rather than licenses, most moving companies in Northern Virginia such as Mayflower, are registered movers. Mayflower is able to move your household goods across any of the 50 states because of their certificate of authority issued by the government. Since 1988, Mayflower was issued their certificate of authority and is still on perfect terms with the government to move household goods amongst the 50 states. Joe Moholland Moving has been a Mayflower Agent since 1998 and has won numerous awards for exceptional service.

How would I move my houseplants?

Like all moving companies in Northern Virginia, Joe Moholland Moving cannot move your house plants because of the inability to promise the health of the plant. Mayflower is unable to provide water, proper sunlight and other key nutrients to keep your plants healthy and alive. Also, be aware there are different rules and regulations for certain plants from state to state. Please check into these guidelines before transferring any plant. We suggest moving plants by plane or your family car. This option is the safest way we found to move plants.

How would I move my pets?

virginia-moversPets are not allowed to be transferred on our moving vans. We suggest for most animals such as dogs, birds, cats, etc. to be moved by the family car. If this is not an option, Mayflower agents will assist you in figuring out a way to safely ship your animals.

How Would I move my most valuable items such as jewelry, diamonds, money and so forth?

As long as you let your Mayflower agent know, items of such great value can be moved with them. Even though Joe Moholland Moving will move these expensive items, we highly suggest you move these items or you make special arrangements to move them. To notify your Mayflower agent of valuable items, simply sign and complete the “Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration” box on the Bill of Lading on the high-value inventory form.  An item valued more than $100 per pound are “Extraordinary household goods.” If you have any questions about these items please feel free to personally ask a Mayflower agent before moving as not all moving companies in Northern Virginia will do this for you.

How and am I able to move frozen foods?

Most of the time we suggest people to sell, donate or finish all of their frozen foods rather than moving them; however, you are able to move them if you wish under certain circumstances.  Your Mayflower agent will have the best answer for you about moving frozen foods, pricing and so forth. If you would like to move frozen foods, our best advice is to ship them through a local frozen food locker plant. However, we still highly suggest you simply finish all of your foods to keep your move as simple possible.

Can I simply leave my clothes in the dresser’s drawers?

All lightweight clothing can be left in your dresser; however we do not suggest placing any heavy items in your dresser drawers. We also suggest making sure there are not any valuable items such as money, watches, jewelry, and so forth in any of your drawers. Also, check if there are any items that can leak or spill that would cause damage to your furniture. As long as you keep your drawers light; take all of your expensive household goods; and have no items that could spill or spoil anything, your dresser will be safe.

How would I pack my China, glass and other fragile items?

Joe Moholland Moving is one of the more established moving companies in Northern Virginia, and one reason is that we have long term conscientious employees that take extreme care in packing your household goods. When it comes to fragile items, people often have professional movers pack these household goods. If you opt to pack fragile items by yourself, we suggest you to use ample wrapping and cushion to make sure the items are secured safely.  Also pick a sturdy and safe container and make sure to put a moving-companies-in-northern-virginiafew inches worth of paper on top and bottom of the container for some extra protection. Always wrap each item individually with the extra cushion; therefore the items will not bang up against each other and break that way.  Remember as if you were putting groceries in a grocery bag, heavy items on bottom, followed by the lighter items on top; placing crushed paper in between them for extra cushion and protection is essential. Also tape the outside of the container and list it as “Fragile,” to remind you when moving, that these items will break if mishandled. Remember you can always buy tape and moving paper from us if needed.

What do I do with all of my major appliances?

Most to all dryers, washers, refrigerators and other major appliances entail unique services for transportation. Motors on these appliances, icemakers and washer drums must be fastened and secured. All gas appliances must be disconnected and taken care of before any move. Remember this process is entirely up to the owner and must be done before the move. For a fee, a Mayflower agent will do the necessary steps to assure your items are ready to move or they will use a local service company. We recommend you give yourself ample time for your items to be properly prepped before the moving date.

Will I need to clean all of my furniture after the move?

No, Mayflower uses ClearGuardSM which is a plastic wrap to protect and keep clean all of your furniture during the move. They place ClearGuardSM on the furniture before the furniture is protected with padding.

What should I do if I need storage for any of my household goods?

Mayflower has storage units all over the world and would be glad to store your household goods in one of these units for a small fee. Joe Moholland Moving provides safe storage units for your household goods until you are ready for them in two storage facilities in Virginia.  Remember there will be three charges involved, storage charges, delivery charges and warehouse evaluation charges.  These charges will vary depending on your needs for storage. Please feel free to ask a Mayflower agent any questions you may have or an estimate, they are here to help you.

What is my protection plan against damaged or lost household goods?

Mayflower moving agents have many types of protection plans. Depending on how much you would like to spend, a usual plan is decided if you would like a “Partial Rate Liability” or “Full-Value Protection Plan.” Whatever option you choose will cover any damages up to a certain amount. Mayflower is liable for damages only up to a certain extent pending the taxes, regulations, rules and federal laws. Mayflower is not an insurance company and can only offer a certain amount of coverage. If you are really concerned about your personal household goods, your insurance company should have options for you.

Partial Rate Liability

Mayflower offers a free basic liability with any move you make to any place. Mayflower covers 60 cents per item times the weight of an item. For example, if you have an item which weighs 100 lbs it will be covered up to 60 dollars worth of damages.

Full-Value Protection Plan

There are two options when you buy additional coverage. If an item is lost, stolen or damaged, Mayflower will pay for the cost of the damages to restore the item to original condition. If Mayflower cannot repair it, Mayflower will pay for the fee of the item and replace it. Mayflower offers three types of options: Option 1 is full protection with no deductible; Option 2 is full protection with a $250 deductible; Option 3 is full protection with a $500 fee.  Mayflower will cover the price you place on each household good you own. Before any type of shipment begins, household goods must be declared a price.

Expensive Items

Some items are declared “articles of unexpected value,” when they value over 100 dollars per pound. Mayflower has a moving-company-in-virginiahigh-value inventory form which must be filled out for these items to account for them. There are many different types of household goods which may be accountant for “High-value” items. For examples, household goods such as antiques, jewelry, furs, certain collections, figurines and so forth can be considered of high-value items because they do not weigh a lot, but cost a lot. If a claim is to be made, you will not be able to exceed the amount you declare on the Mayflower form once it is filled out. If you accidentally forget to place an item on the list, Mayflower is only liable for 100 dollars each pound the item weighed. Lastly, if you have no items of “High-value,” simply sign the form and write “N/A” in the correct spot. Any high-value item that is shipped under the partial rate liability program will not be covered to the full extent; rather, Mayflower will cover 60 cents per pound. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask a Mayflower agent, otherwise please fill out our form and review all of your household goods.

Paying for my move, when and how do I make the payment?

Rules and regulations make Joe Moholland Moving collect all payments before all of your household goods are unloaded at your new destination; unless a previous agreement has been made. Mayflower always accepts traveler’s checks, cash, cashier’s checks and money orders. Also, we supply you with the option of using a credit card. The companies we accept are Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. However, we only accept these credit cards when the move is from one state to another with approval before loading up your household goods to be shipped. Any type of personal checks cannot be accepted. Every type of payments is for non-binding and binding estimates. If the actual move costs more than 110% of the non-binding estimate, you will not pay any more than that amount on the delivery date. If the move costs more than 10% of the estimate, then you shall have 30 days to pay the remaining balance. However, if your household goods are moved into a storage unit, all charges must be paid the day of delivery. There will be an additional storage fee which must be paid that same day. Rates vary from move to move and state to state so please feel free to ask your Mayflower agent for an estimate.

What are tariffs?

Tariffs are lists of regulations that all moving companies in Northern Virginia must abide by; these are rules and charges which are applied by all interstate transportation companies who deliver household goods. You are able to know what tariffs you might need to pay on request. Simply, ask your Mayflower agent about tariffs and their costs and they will be glad to help you.

How do you price out moves?

It is very hard to determine an exact cost of a move until all of your items have been weighed in our moving van or truck. There might also be additional charges depending on the move and additional and unforeseeable work.  The transportation charge is determined by the weight and distance of the move. Your total cost will include what coverage plan you opt to have on your household goods and how much the total transportation charge will cost you. After adding those two together, you will be able to receive a rough estimate of your overall cost. Charges will also increase if you opt to have Mayflower agents professionally pack and unpack your household goods . However, please feel free to call Joe Moholland Moving for a free, no-obligation estimate for your move.

Are you the cheapest movers?

We may not be the cheapest movers in Northern Virginia, but we pride ourselves on our quality of our move and our fair prices. Our experience and competitive prices are a few of the reasons that people feel comfortable with us. Getting your household goods safely to your new home should not be sacrificed simply to safe a few hundred dollars. Please call us for a free no-obligation in-home estimate of your move with a Mayflower agent.

How many days should I except it to take me to move?

There are many factors which play a role in the time it takes someone to move from one destination to another. For example, it all depends on how far you are moving, time of the year, weather conditions, the time it takes to load and unload the size of your move and so forth. Most to all people fill more than one moving van to fit all of their household items and this could make the move longer. However, with Mayflower’s advance technology program, we are now able to approximate the dates of loading and unloading your household goods . This program is able to include many factors to get a more accurate date than most moving companies will be able to give you.

What would be a good moving date?

If you actually have a choice and are looking for moving companies in Northern Virginia, Joe Moholland Moving suggests you try and pick a season other than summer. Also, avoiding December and other big holidays are essential. Moving companies are usually the busiest at these times and sometimes come up short on vans and personal. On the other hand, with Mayflower’s moving experience, we suggest you move when you need to move and make it most convenient for you and your family.  Some factors which may play a role in your move are; if you children are in school; how fast you need to move from your current location; if you are going to be separate from your family and how long. As always, the more moving options the better Mayflower will be able to select one of your preferred dates.

What does a binding estimate mean?

A binding estimate is the exact cost of the move determined before any shipment occurs. This determination is discovered by the transportation fees, services needed at the time of the move, liabilities costs and other options you choose. When originally estimated, binding costs are only good for 60 days. The cost may augment if you opt to add additional services after the original estimate.  For example, if you choose to have movers unload your household goods after you originally opted not to use this option. Please discuss any questions or concerns you may have with a Mayflower agent

Does it matter if I have an estimate?

Joe Moholland Moving provides free no-obligation estimates for everyone. A Mayflower agent must come to the house to be able to give you a more accurate estimate. An estimate will be determined from the weight of your items, size, value and so forth. These estimates are only a guideline and should not be considered a final cost. Tariffs for interstate moves and the actual transportation fee, (Actual weight, Shipments, Distance), must all be included to create a final price.  Usually, within state moves are determined by an hourly rate and are moved by your local moving companies.

When should I contact a moving company?

Mayflower states, “The more time you have the smoother the move will be.” We highly recommend at least four to six weeks before the actual move to contact your moving company. If this is not applicable, we recommend as soon as possible. Mayflower always tries to move on the dates you request and with advance notification, we are able to better cater to your needs. We try our best to help you move to your request dates; if a move is needed on an exact date, please let us know. For exact date moves, there may be an additional fee to reserve those dates. Please discuss any questions you have about move-out and move-in dates with a Mayflower agent.

Do you offer any type of packing?

Mayflower offers packing and unpacking for all moves. An additional fee will be applied, but please feel free to ask a Mayflower agent if you have any questions.

How do you protect floors and furniture?

Our professional moving crew uses moving blankets to protect your floors. As if they were our own household goods, we pack and unload everything as safe and secure as possible.

Do you only move locally?

Joe Moholland moving is proud to say that we are able to move your household goods all over the world. We have over 25 years of experience with interstate moves along with international moves. We move families from Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Fairfax, Bethesda, Washington DC and the entire area, for both local moves or across the country or overseas.

Do you have boxes for us to pack our household goods in?

Yes, you are able to pick up any moving supplies you may need at a local Mayflower store. Please ask your Mayflower agents if you have any question about moving supplies.