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Annandale Movers

Looking for some good Annandale movers? Let Joe Moholland Moving Company provide you with the personalized, worry-free service you deserve. Operating out of the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. area for over 25 years, we utilize two full-service locations in order to meet your moving needs.

Just south of the D.C. Metro area, our primary base in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. is located in Woodbridge, Va. Our second storage facility and warehouse, which allows us to easily serve our customers in and around Virginia Beach—including the Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads communities—is located in Hampton, Va. We can store your belongings in both facilities if need be, either temporarily or long term. You’ll always have convenient access to your belongings when you need them, as well as the added peace of mind that comes with their guaranteed security. At Joe Moholland Moving Company, we pride ourselves in the security of your property once it is in our possession.


If you’re looking for a qualified Annandale Movers, Joe Moholland Moving Company will provide you with the full-service moving assistance you need. In business since 1987, we operate out of two locations to best serve Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. area.

Our primary base of operations for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia is located in Woodbridge, Va.—just south of the D.C. Metro area. The second storage facility and warehouse is located in the Hampton, Va., area, which allows us to easily serve our customers in and around Virginia Beach—including the Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads communities. Both facilities can be utilized, if needed, to store your belongings, either temporarily or more long term. This gives you peace of mind, and the added bonus of convenient access to your belongings when you need them. At Joe Moholland Moving Company, we pride ourselves in the security of your property once it is in our possession.

Our Moving Services

For over 25 years, Joe Moholland Moving Company has grown its business through reliability and personal service, steadily becoming one of the more reputable moving companies in Virginia. We proudly serve Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Annandale, Burke, Oakton, McLean, Fairfax Station, Woodbridge, Great Falls, Tysons Corner, Falls Church and all of Northern Virginia, including D.C. and suburban Maryland. And we regularly facilitate military and government moves. We treat your belongings as if they were our own, no matter the size or distance of your move. From packing to transport to delivery, we strive to guarantee as high a standard, and as personal a level of service, as we possibly can.

In 1998, our principles met the standards of Mayflower Transit, and we became a Mayflower agent. Since 1927, Mayflower has led the way in moving services across the country, and we’re proud members of the Mayflower team. This association allows us to offer relocation services around the world. Whether you’re moving to a different neighborhood, or a different continent, Joe Moholland Moving Company will get you there with steadfast customer service and dependability. We offer a no-obligation contract, price quotes, and a free estimate on the cost of your move. We’ll also answer any questions or concerns you might have about moving in general.

Local Move or Storage, We’re Here to Help

In addition to personalized service, quick response times, complete accessibility, and the ability to move you around the globe, we offer a comprehensive method of service that takes the stress out of moving and puts the excitement back into your journey. The first step will be a meeting with a moving specialist to discuss any special needs you might have, or topics of concern. Once the specifics have been discussed, and you’re comfortable with the process, we’ll provide:

– A written contract for the moving dates
– Reliable, efficient, and no-nonsense moving specialists
– Employees in uniform
– Climate-controlled storage and moving units where your belongings will remain clean, dry, and safe
– Guaranteed peace of mind with some of the highest standards in the industry
– Over twenty-five years of industry experience and customer care
– A comprehensive list of Moving Tips and advice

We pride ourselves on return business. We want you to feel comfortable with us the first time, and every time thereafter. If you need to move again, we want Joe Moholland Moving Company to be the first moving service you call. We like to think of your experience with us as seamless and worry free. Your return business confirms that we did the best job possible, and that you know you can rely on us.

Moving with Mayflower

Mayflower has recognized Joe Moholland Moving Company as one of the top-performing moving services in its system—based on customer response surveys that indicate a willingness to work with us again, as well as recommend us to the people they care about. Becoming a member of the Mayflower team only enhanced our already-established standards for customer service, efficiency, and dependability. Since 1961, Mayflower has enjoyed the distinction as the nation’s most recognized name in moving for 51 consecutive years. With over 650 locations through its agency, the company is part of the largest moving and storage service network in the country. Of the approximately 7,000 licensed, active moving companies in the United States, Mayflower annually competes for the top spot in the ranks. Their moving, shipping, storage, and delivery services are recognized and admired throughout the world. The relationship we’ve cultivated with Mayflower continues to benefit everyone involved—especially our many customers.

In order to operate on the level that Mayflower has come to expect from us, we provide our employees with mandatory training on all aspects of the moving service industry. Our specialists are routinely updated and instructed on changes in the industry and enhancements we’ve made within our own company to better serve our clients. The Mayflower partnership is a badge that we wear with pride, and our goal is to return the favor with competence and integrity. Repeat business, regular government and military contracts, and steady growth proves to us that our cost-friendly, customer-first approach has withstood the test of time, and remains the mark by which we measure success. That success has also produced a top rating with J.D. Power and Associates.

Why Go With Joe Moholland Moving Company?

We started small in 1987 and were certainly a little fish in a big pond. But we focused on our customers, and developed relationships. We knew that if we valued each job the same, and gave every contract equal attention, no matter the size, our business would grow. We discovered quickly that, more than anything else, people needed to trust us with their cherished belongings. We continue to apply the same level of care today that we did when we first started this business. Even as the industry expands and changes, the value of trust, integrity, and competence still defines success. We hold ourselves to the same values that we began Joe Moholland Moving Company with over 25 years ago.

According to The Council of Better Business Bureaus, approximately 10,000 complaints are filed annually against moving services. With literally thousands of moving companies to choose from nationally, including dozens within your area, we can certainly appreciate your concern when choosing someone to pack, transport, deliver, or even store your precious belongings. Which is why we extend ourselves to each customer in as personal a way as possible. Our aim is to leave no doubt in each client’s mind that they’re working with someone they can trust—someone who will get the job done right, and be there with them every step of the way.

From a small fish over 25 years ago to a company capable of moving you around the globe today, we strive to make your move as uncomplicated and stress-free as it can possibly be. And we do it with the same personal touch that has become the symbol of Joe Moholland Moving Company for nearly three decades.

Give Us A Call

Essentially, we want to make you as comfortable as possible, whether it’s a move across the street, across the country, or even across the ocean if you are looking for Annandale Movers, call us! No matter the distance, the size, or the logistics, rest assured that we’ll treat your move with the same care that we would treat our own. If you are seeking a reliable moving company in the Northern Virginia, D.C., or Hampton Roads area with a reputation for honesty and unmatched customer service, give Joe Moholland Moving Company a call. We’re happy to send a specialist out to your home or business for a free, no-obligation estimate. You can even check out our free estimate page on this site. In this business, you’re as good as your reputation. We like to think our reputation speaks for itself.