Our masterful technicians here at Ameritec Services have what it takes to make sure you get the most our of your heating system. We believe that no one should be left in the cold; that every home should be a warm, cozy and comfortable home.

 –We repair, install and maintain furnaces, heat pumps and boilers of all makes and models.–


Old furnace removed by Ivan II during furnace installation.


Ivan II installing brand new furnace for customer.

Heating and Cooling Quick Facts

Heat Pumps


Ivan II removing old heat pump

-Heat pumps use electricity as their energy source, making them a more    energy efficient option than a furnace and air conditioner.

-Heat pump systems move heat rather than generate heat, which means they can supply 4 times the amount of enery they consume.

-Heat pumps can be used for both the heating and cooling of your home.

-In the warmer seasons, the heat pump moves heat from your house into the outdoors; during the colder seasons, the heat pump brings in heat from the outdoors and into your house.

Interesting Fact: Even a day as cold as 32º Fahrenheit produces enough heat to warm a home via a heat pump.




Ivan II installing new furnace


-Furnaces combust natural gas in order to generate heat in your home. Newer high efficiency models can save you up to 30% per month on your energy bill and emit far less carbon dioxide into atmosphere.*

-The heat produced from this combustion in the furnace’s burner is then passed through the heat exchanger, which warms the air from your home’s return air duct.

-The furnace’s blower then blows the warmed air through your air ducts which distributes the warmed air throughout your home.

-In warmer temperatures, the furnace’s blower motor works to distribute air cooled by the evaporator coil throughout your home.



*Lesser efficiency furnaces emit approximately 4 tons of carbon dioxide per month


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