Air Conditioning

A well maintained air conditioning unit is key to ensuring you and your family’s comfort during the warmer months. Our technicians here at Ameritec Services aim to make sure you never have to simmer in the summer heat.


Air Conditioners


Ivan Sr. preparing to remove old air conditioning unit from customer’s house in Falls Church, VA.

-Most central air conditioning systems are split systems composed of the outdoor unit (also called compressor bearing units) and an indoor coil. The indoor coil is usually installed on top of the furnace.

-The compressor pumps refrigerant through your system to accumulate heat and moisture from indoors and remove it from your home.

-Heat and moisture are removed from your home when the warm air from your home is blown over the cooled indoor coil. The heat in the air transfers to the indoor coil and cools the air.

-The heat that transferred to the coil is then pumped outside the home, while the cool air is pumped inside. This allows you to maintain your home as cool as you desire.

-Air conditioning can also be provided by a heat pump.

Source: Goodman: “Heating and Cooling 101: How a Central Air Conditioner Works”


Ivan Sr. & Ivan II installing new air conditioning unit during complete system installation for customer in Falls Church, VA.